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Watch with player's humanity information

DayZ Borealis introduces the humanity system, which is a system based on EXP. Based on the amount of EXP, the player becomes a member of one of three factions: bandit, survivor, hero. Each player also has a armband, the color of which changes depending on the faction to which player belongs.

Initially, each player is a normal survivor who has exactly 1250 EXP humanity. Depending on the actions of the player, his EXP changes, for example, killing zombies or other players will gain or lose EXP of humanity. If the player's EXP level falls below a certain value - the player becomes a bandit, or if the player's EXP level rises above a certain value - the player becomes hero.

After spawning on the beach, each player has 5 minutes before they start giving humanity EXP for their death.

Humanity Levels

Bandits and Heroes also have levels. These levels are calculated based on the amount of EXP.

Humanity Level Level Icon EXP Humanity
Hero 4
from 25000 EXP
Hero 3
from 15000 EXP
Hero 2
from 6500 EXP
Hero 1
from 3500 EXP
Bandit 1
from 0 EXP
Bandit 2
from -4500 EXP
Bandit 3
from -12500 EXP
Bandit 4
from -25000 EXP

Many factors depend on the faction level, for example, the higher the level of the player, the less points he receives. Also from the faction and faction level , the player gets access to certain locations and merchants, the ability to build buildings and much more.

EXP Humanity Changes

Various actions of the player affect his EXP of humanity. Most often Humanity EXP changes due to killing other players or interacting with them. Not always the actions that the player takes will benefit him, for example, if the player wants to be a bandit, then he must be wary of killing zombies and should not help his friends / other players.

Level Coefficient

The Humanity system has a level coefficient. This multiplier affects how much EXP humanity the player receives for actions while having a certain faction level.

Level Coefficient
1 1.0
2 0.75
3 0.5
4 0.25


Humanity EXP also changes when a player dies, regardless of whether it was death at the hands of another player or death due to other factors, such as zombies or from dehydration.

Humanity Level Change EXP Humanity
Hero 4 -400 EXP
Hero 3 -300 EXP
Hero 2 -200 EXP
Hero 1 -100 EXP
Survivor 0 EXP
Bandit 1 200 EXP
Bandit 2 400 EXP
Bandit 3 600 EXP
Bandit 4 800 EXP

Killing other players

Killing players is the main way to gain or lose EXP humanity. The amount of EXP humanity a player gains or loses depends on the player's faction, their faction level, the killed player's faction, and their faction level.

Victim Hero 4 Hero 3 Hero 2 Hero 1 Survivor Bandit 1 Bandit 2 Bandit 3 Bandit 4
Hero 4 -3500 EXP -3000 EXP -2500 EXP -2000 EXP -400 EXP 75 EXP 150 EXP 225 EXP 300 EXP
Hero 3 -2625 EXP -2250 EXP -1875 EXP -1500 EXP -300 EXP 150 EXP 300 EXP 450 EXP 600 EXP
Hero 2 -1750 EXP -1500 EXP -1250 EXP -1000 EXP -200 EXP 225 EXP 450 EXP 675 EXP 900 EXP
Hero 1 -875 EXP -750 EXP -625 EXP -500 EXP -100 EXP 300 EXP 600 EXP 900 EXP 1200 EXP
Survivor -2000 EXP -1500 EXP -1000 EXP -500 EXP -150 EXP 400 EXP 800 EXP 1200 EXP 1600 EXP
Bandit 1 -2000 EXP -1500 EXP -1000 EXP -500 EXP -100 EXP 400 EXP 800 EXP 1200 EXP 1600 EXP
Bandit 2 -1500 EXP -1125 EXP -750 EXP -375 EXP -75 EXP 300 EXP 600 EXP 900 EXP 1200 EXP
Bandit 3 -1000 EXP -750 EXP -500 EXP -250 EXP -50 EXP 200 EXP 400 EXP 600 EXP 900 EXP
Bandit 4 -500 EXP -375 EXP -250 EXP -125 EXP -25 EXP 100 EXP 200 EXP 300 EXP 400 EXP

(The level coefficient has already been added to the calculation)

Other miscellaneous activities

There are also other ways to get EXP humanity, ranging from killing zombies to healing other players. These actions are divided into 2 types: directed at other players and everyone else. Others include killing zombies, which adds always humanity EXP.

Action Name Humanity EXP
Killing Zombies 10 EXP * Level Coefficient

Starting with Version 1.1 there are new actions in the humanity system that give EXP humanity. Depending on the faction of the player you interact with, you will either gain or lose humanity EXP. Also, if you perform any action to get EXP humanity with another player, you will not be able to receive EXP humanity from that player for a certain time.

Action table as of Version 1.1:

Action Name Humanity EXP
Medical actions 25 EXP * Level Coefficient
Restrain Actions 75 EXP * Level Coefficient
"Good" actions 10 EXP * Level Coefficient
Harvesting 5 EXP * Level Coefficient
Burying bodies of other players 100 EXP * Level Coefficient


Wristwatches can be found in DayZ Borealis. At the time of Version 1.1 the clock is used only as an item that can be used to find out the number of killed: zombies, heroes, survivors and bandits, as well as time of day in the game, the real date, faction level and humanity EXP.