Transport Reinforcement

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Reinforced ZAZ-968M

In DayZ Borealis it is possible to reinforce your vehicle - installing metal armor on glass, doors/trunk lid and (or) wheels. To do this, you need to find scrap metal and blowtorch.

How to Reinforce Your Vehicle

To Reinforce your vehicle, you will need a different amount of scrap metal. To reinforce the front and rear windows or reinforce the wheels, you will need 4 scrap metal. To reinforce doors or trunk lid, you will need 2 scrap metal for each door/trunk lid.

Reinforcement of front and rear windows or vehicle wheels

In order to reinforce the front and rear windows or wheels of vehicles, in addition to scrap metal, we need a blowtorch and gas for it.

You need to put scrap metal into the scrap metal slot of your vehicle. Next, you need to pick up the blowtorch. After you hover over your vehicle, you will have actions related to reinforcing the vehicle. You can also remove the installed reinforcement on the vehicle using the blowtorch.

Reinforcement of doors and trunk lid

For reinforcing doors or trunk lid, unlike reinforcing the front and rear windows or wheels, you do not need a gas burner. In order to assemble a reinforced door, you just need to pick up 2 scrap metal and aim at the desired door/trunk lid, after which you will have an action related to reinforcement of door/trunk lid.

Table of Reinforcement

Not all vehicles can be reinforced. There is also a transport that does not have reinforcement of certain parts. Detailed information about each transport and its reinforcement can be found in the table below:

Reinforcement type ZAZ-968M MAZ-505 Land Rover Classic BMW E32 Izh Planet-5 UAZ-469 / UAZ-31514
Metal armor of the windshield and rear window of transport Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Metal armoring of transport doors Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Metal armor of transport wheels Yes No Yes Yes No Yes