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DayZ Borealis has a banking system. This system is represented by ATMs which can be found in Trade Zones. The banking system is designed to allow players to keep a minimum reserve of cash in their bank account.

How to use ATMs

Initially, the player has 500 CZK on his balance. The maximum balance of the bank account can be found in the ATM itself.

In order to enter the ATM menu, you need to find the ATM on any trade zone and enter the ATM UI.

Main Menu

Main menu

When you open the ATM UI, you will be taken to its main menu. Here you can find: information about the Balance of your account, the amount of Cash money you have in your inventory, your current commission and the maximum balance of your account . Also here you can see 3 buttons: DEPOSIT, WITHDRA, SEND TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposit menu

In order to get to the deposit/withdrawal menu you need to press the corresponding button in the main menu. In the deposit/withdrawal menu you can deposit/withdraw a certain amount of money.

Please note that there is a minimum transaction amount of 10 CZK. If you try to deposit/withdraw an amount less than 10 CZK, try to deposit an amount that would make your balance exceed your maximum balance, or withdraw an amount that exceeds your balance, the ATM will notify you that the withdrawal/deposit operation failed.

To enter the withdrawal/replenishment amount, you can use both your keyboard and the keys on the right side of the UI.

Sending to another account

Transfer menu to other players

You can also send any amount of money to another player. To do this, you must go to the Send to another account menu in the main menu of the ATM. Here you can see a list of all players near you (a certain radius around you). You cannot transfer funds to a player who is not on the server and who is far enough away from you.

In order to send money to a player, you need to select him on the left in the list and click on the CONFIRM ACCOUNT button. Further, by analogy with the Deposit / Withdrawal menu, you must specify the amount to be transferred.

To enter the transfer amount, you can use both your keyboard and the keys on the right side of the UI.

Coefficients and percentages

The banking system is directly dependent on the Humanity System, namely the player's Faction and Faction Level. For each faction there is a separate percentage of withdrawal / deposit / transfer of funds:

Faction name Percentage
Bandit 35%
Survivor 20%
Hero 15%

Also, the withdrawal/deposit percentage is multiplied by a coefficient, depending on the faction level of the player:

Faction Level Coefficient
1 1.0
2 0.75
3 0.5
4 0.25


In DayZ Borealis on the territory of Chernarus, funds are presented in the form of Czech crowns (CZK).

Below is a table with denominations of banknotes/coins that can be found in the game:

Denomination Type
5000 CZK Banknote(s)
2000 CZK Banknote(s)
1000 CZK Banknote(s)
500 CZK Banknote(s)
100 CZK Banknote(s)
10 CZK Coin(s)
5 CZK Coin(s)
2 CKZ Coin(s)
1 CZK Coin(s)

There are also wallets for storing money.